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As a writer, I appreciate having a Yuletide likes/dislikes post for my recipient, so I thought I'd post one of my own in case it helps.

1) So I tried to give an idea of what I’m interested in plot wise in the three fandoms I requested, but I also hate to be too specific, only because I like to give a writer freedom to use their imagination. Most times, writers think of so many cool things that I could never come up with. I don't care about length - short, long - it's just nice to get a story in any of the fandoms I requested.

2) I love slash (explicit or implied), I don't mind dark (actually, I love dark fics) or kinky. I love handcuffs, blindfolds, bondage, hairpulling and just about any of the different 'plays' (breath, knife, blood, etc.). I’m pretty open to whatever fits with what you come up with plot wise. But along with loving slash, it's certainly not necessary if the plot is good.

3) I don't like silly fluff or cracky stuff much and I'm also not into sappy romance.

4) Please, please, please - I really don't like het, at all, but with the characters and fandoms I requested, I can’t see that being a problem.

Thank you so much for doing this. I hope you have fun writing, which is the whole point. Write what makes you feel comfortable. I don't have to have slash to enjoy it, believe me.

And in case you don’t want to have to go searching for the request, I included it here too.

Request 1: The Administration - Manna Francis

* Leo Warrick
* Val Toreth
* Jean-Paul Baptiste Carnac
* Frederick Girardin

Request Detail: I'm a slash fan but I like plot as much as sex. I'd like to see something less mainstream, something other than the normal Keir/Val stories, maybe a missing scene or a confrontation between Val and any of the other three.

Request 2: Shadow of the Templar - M. Chandler

* Bran Lindsey
* Jeremy Archer

Request Detail: Slash is fun, and since they're really not related, it couldn't be considered 'incest'; but anything which shows them interacting is fine. It could be from their early years or later when they're adults.

Request 3: Witch Eyes - Scott Tracey

* Braden Michaels
* Trey Lansing
* Lucien Fallon
* Catherine Lansing

Request Details: Well this is a new YA book that I don't think many people have even heard of let alone read. I liked it because the main characters, Braden and Trey, are both gay, yet their being gay is not the main focus of the plot.

If you've actually read this book and are willing to write a story using these characters, I'd be happy to see a scene with any of them interacting. Of course, a little bit of sex between Braden and Trey would be fine too, although it wouldn't have to be explicit.


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