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Please keep in mind that these prompts are for guidance purposes only. Most of my likes are not shared by a lot of writers. I certainly don’t expect someone to go outside their comfort zone just because it’s something I would enjoy reading. And even though I may dislike something in general, I always keep an open mind. Well-written fluff or crack will not go unappreciated. Most of all, write what makes you happy. I know I’ll enjoy it too. And thank you so much for taking the time to write me a story.

Likes: I really like slash/p0rn (explicit or implied) and dark themes, hate-sex, rough-sex, sex-up-against-the-wall, non-con/dub-con, handcuffs/bound-hands, blindfolds, hair pulling and just about any of the different 'plays' (breath, knife, blood, etc.).

Dislikes: silly fluff or crack, sappy romance, any of the characters behaving out of character (without a good reason for it), het sex and explicit mention of girly parts (although I can’t see that happening in any of these fandoms with these characters).

Request 1: The Administration - Manna Francis

Characters: Val Toreth, Keir Warrick

Anything, explicit or not - if you offered these two then you know what they're like together. I don't care what you come up with as long as they stay in character. There can never be enough Administration stories! Throw in Carnac, Leo Warrick, or Carl Ruiz if you want – I love them all. Feel free to add Sara as long as there's no het sex.

Request 2: Don't Series - Jack L. Pyke

Characters: Jack Harrison/Martin, Gray Raul, Kes (Don't Series)

Not many people are aware of this series unless you like very dark slash. It’s a great series with lots of potential side stories. It would be a challenge to write something with these characters since they’re all so complex. Kes is a new character in the latest book. There's some sexual tension going on between "Martin" and Kes but it's never realized. A missing scene or AU where they do get together would be really hot.

Request 3: Dark Edge Of Honor - Aleksandr Voinov & Rhi Etzweiler

Characters: Andrew Miguel "Mike" Villanova, Sergei Stolkov, Pat (Dark Edge Of Honor)

This book has been out for several years but I only just 'read' it this year as an audio book. Although the main pairing is Mike and Sergei, I think the relationship between Sergei and Pat has a lot of potential for exploration because of Pat being Sergei's torturer. Sergei is clearly afraid of Pat when they meet later in the story - some dark hate-sex might work as an alternate scene. Or, perhaps a missing scene during the torture part. We know Mike intervened, but what exactly was said between Mike and Pat? And I don't think it's too far-fetched to imagine these characters in a threesome at some later point after the actual story ends, when Mike is supposedly retired. Mike knows so many 'secrets' that he has to be a target for kidnappers/interrogators. Perhaps Pat is sent to Mike to ensure that he won't ever be able to reveal what he knows.


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