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Title: A Distraction of Ice and Fire
Series: Overprotective Criminals 'Verse
Fandom: CW's The Flash
Author: Batsutousai
Rating: Mature
Pairings: Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart
Warnings: Established relationship, polyamory, violence, relationship troubles, past child abuse, mention of panic attacks
Summary: After the reappearance of the Man in Yellow, Barry's distraction with getting ever faster leads to Len devising a distraction of his own.

Disclaim Her: Not mine.

A/N: This technically stands in for s1e10, Revenge of the Rogues. And I wasn't going to write anything more for this AU – as mentioned in the last A/N – but my muse handed me a scene (which actually ends up glossed over in this) and wouldn't let me sleep until I'd scribbled down a number of potential ideas for this. Damn him.
Yes, there's going to be more after this. The third fic is waiting to go through a reread, and the fourth fic is plotted out and just needs to be written. Gods help me.

This one is in Len's POV, because Barry is so very busy with other things. Also, this is Len's terrible idea. (istf, Len)

Many cheers again to StillNotGinger10 for playing beta reader and just generally egging my muse on.

You can also read this at Archive of Our Own or LiveJournal.

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Another busy day, ugh

Jul. 26th, 2017 09:05 pm
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Plus my period started so I'm not a happy camper. Stupid cramps.

But the hubby's feeling much better so that's good. And I got this week's novella into POD format, got the cover and blurb done and the Ebook is about 50% finished. Should be able to get it all wrapped up tomorrow and then upload it in the evening.

I also managed to get some writing done. Padma and Jaden have packed up Jaden's stuff, other than the food in her fridge, and Padma is dismayed at how barren Jaden's apartment was. Next chapter they'll arrive at Padma's place and Jaden's going to be dismayed at how tiny it is. If very nicely decorated.

And then it'll be sleep in the same bed time. XD Followed by househunting and eee, I realized on the drive home that I can have the 'looking for apartments / houses together being mistaken for a married couple' thing. AND I can have the old fan favorite of curtain fic.

Yes, I get to write the girls going curtain shopping and arguing about their relationship by arguing about which curtains to get, cheap and disposable or durable and expensive. *squees*

I looooove curtain fic. XD

Goals for tomorrow include, of course, writing more of this so I can get to the curtain fic and sleeping together, exercises (which I did bad on today), making the hubby's delayed birthday dinner (cake is baked but not frosted), and getting this week's novella finished and uploaded everywhere.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!
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More Than a Song Chris Paynter
Lesbian - Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Companion Publications LLC (June 1, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1942204140
ISBN-13: 978-1942204145
Amazon: More Than a Song Chris Paynter

A year after Dani Roberts's girlfriend infamously broke up with her on Twitter, Dani attempts to live a quiet life running her bookstore in Francis, Georgia.​

Sexy blues singer C.J. James rolls into town for a limited engagement at the local gay bar. Without warning, C.J. slams into Dani's life, writes a song about her beautiful eyes, and offers a wild and scorching ride.​

Veterinarian Liz Springer has returned to her hometown to mend a broken heart. Liz wants no drama in her life and longs for the peaceful time needed to heal. But when Dani brings her beagle, Frodo, to the clinic, tamped-down desire begins to simmer.​

A firestorm is in the making, and Dani is right in the middle.
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Listen for the Train Rosa Sophia
Lesbian - Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
ISBN-13: 9781684310449

Esther's parents never approved of her, and her fear of people discovering she's a lesbian has led to a solitary life. Living alone in an RV park in South Florida, sequestered from the world, Esther thinks she'll never have to face the truth. Until the only woman she's ever loved shows up on her doorstep in the middle of rainstorm.

To make matters worse, Esther's cat, Petunia, mysteriously goes missing. While crossing the railroad tracks to search for her feline companion, Esther steps through a tear in the dimensional fabric. Her carefully constructed world is left behind, and what she discovers is far more than she bargained for...

The hubby is doing better!

Jul. 25th, 2017 08:18 pm
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Between finally getting a good night's sleep last night and starting the steroids and antibiotic this morning, he's almost feeling human. He managed to eat some cookies and have real food for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we're going to have breakfast for dinner and then we'll do his delayed birthday dinner on Thursday. Which is steak, spaetzl, gravy and corn with chocolate cake for dessert. By that point he should be able to manage it just fine.

I got this week's story into preliminary format and created a cover for it. It's focused around a solar eclipse which is kind of awesome with the solar eclipse coming up. I even found a good piece of art that conveys a lot of the feel of the story. Made me happy to find it.

Steps are way low but hey, that's life. I don't much care. I should get my exercises, of course, but I haven't yet today.

I got 2200 words written on the novel. Jaden and Padma will be sharing an apartment because Ravinder, the Date From Hell, was not just a jerk, he was a con artist using a faked relationship with Jaden to convince people to fund his move to Phoenix. Full on cheating them out of tons of money. So yeah, Jaden is going to be staying with Padma, sleeping in her king-size bed, because Padma has no couch for Jaden to sleep on.

Oh, shucks! How terrible. *grin*

Yes, I'm having far too much fun with the story.

Goals for tomorrow include breakfast for dinner, exercises, getting the POD version of this week's story done, writing another chapter of the novel and taking care of the hubby.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!


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