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Please keep in mind that these prompts are for guidance purposes only. Most of my likes are not shared by a lot of writers. I certainly don’t expect someone to go outside their comfort zone just because it’s something I would enjoy reading. And even though I may dislike something in general, I always keep an open mind. Well-written fluff or crack will not go unappreciated.

Likes: I really like slash/p0rn (explicit or implied) and dark themes, hate-sex, rough-sex, sex-up-against-the-wall, non-con/dub-con, handcuffs/bound-hands, blindfolds, hair pulling and just about any of the different 'plays' (breath, knife, blood, etc.).

Dislikes: silly fluff or crack, sappy romance, any of the characters behaving out of character (without a good reason for it), het sex and explicit mention of girly parts (although I can’t see that happening in any of these fandoms with these characters).

Request 1: The Administration - Manna Francis

Characters: Val Toreth, Keir Warrick

Anything, explicit or not - if you offered these two then you know what they're like together. I don't care what you come up with as long as they stay in character. There can never be enough Administration fic! Throw in Carnac or Leo Warrick if you want – I love both of them, too.

Request 2: Spirits Series - Jordan L. Hawk

Characters: Vincent Night, Henry Strauss

I just finished the second book in this series and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked their insecurities, their misunderstanding, and how they came together in the end. Maybe a scene of ‘moving day’, or how they adjust to life living together - sleeping over at someone’s home is much different than living there all the time. Or a new case for all of them to work on. I don’t mind if you include Elizabeth and Jo. I don’t need anything explicit as far as sex – I enjoy a good plotty story just as much and these two have so much potential.

Request 3: A Charm of Magpies - KJ Charles

Characters: Stephen Day, Lord Crane | Lucien Vaudrey

There’s some real potential for dark fic with this series. I don’t have a specific scenario in mind – explicit sex or something with a plot, whatever inspires you. I don’t mind any of the other characters being included either.

Most of all, write what makes you happy. I know I’ll enjoy it too. And thank you so much for taking the time to write me a story.
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